The SVN is accessable here:

user: bacterium

pass: bacterium There is also a Trac page available at:

**UPDATE: The base engine project has just been committed to SVN. Here's a few notes on how to set it up properly with eclipse:

-Download the Android SDK and set it up to a known folder

-Download and install an SVN client like TortoiseSVN

-Create a folder to store all the SVN local content

-Check out / Update the code from SVN

-In Eclipse, go to File > Workspace > Switch Workspace

-Select the base SVN folder you created to house the project

-Once eclipse relaunches, go to Window > Preferences > Android, and update the SDK location to the folder you setup the SDK in.

-If the project shows up in your project view, then skip this step. Right click on the project list, and choose Import. Under General, choose Existing Projects into Workspace. Go into your SVN folder and select the project folder. This should import the project into the workspace; if not, contact me and I'll help you further.

-Right click on the Bacterium project in the project view and go to Android > Fix Project Preferences

-Go to Project > Clean, and hit OK

-By this point, you should now have SVN and Eclipse setup to work on the project.

-If your SVN client doesn't pick up on the ignore list, make sure to tell your svn to ignore the following folders:

  • SVNFolder \ metadata
  • SVNFolder \ Bacterium \ bin
  • SVNFolder \ Bacterium \ gen

I would suggest everyone take the time to get this setup, and try running the project. You should get some inital screens and menu. If anyone has any problems with getting the project up and running, please contact me at: