A sample list/table of metrics and scoring mechanisms for recording. Anyone with suggestions is free to add items; all I ask is as a courtesy try not to remove things without notice/reason. - Sam

Action/Metric Amount of points received Other notes
Bacteria Destroyed 10 x Rank also record what type of bacteria and how many
Levels Survived 1000 / Level (flat) also record how many levels were survived w/out score mod
Waves Survived N/A N/A
Time Survived N/A both on this level/wave and total
Resources Spent N/A? N/A
Number of nanobots made N/A how many and of what kind
Resources Remaining 10 x resource points left also record raw number of resources left
Difficulty Level see notes Have different boards for different levels. e.g. easy shouldn't have the same score/leaderboard as hard and so on.
Beat Game? something significant x difficulty level
Score this game n/a
Highest score ever n/a On a personal basis